American Heritage Alliance

America…Our Christian Heritage,
Our History and Faith in God

"The Deception of Separation of Church and State"
Compiled and Written by Murray Hornsby, Director
American Heritage Alliance Inc..

Chapter 1
America Has Lost Its Way

Jesus said, "To him whom much is given, much is expected." It is time that we Christians get off our pews and stand up for the values on which this great country was founded. We have been blessed beyond all nations in the history of the world by Almighty God. There are signs for any to see that America and its children and their children may be headed in a direction that will be devastating to them and to this country's future. As a nation founded on the belief and devotion to God and Jesus Christ, we as a nation, have turned away from our responsibility of holding the culture and politicians accountable with our vote- with the ballot and our dollars. We've allowed the secular humanists, the atheists and agnostics to: virtually expunge our children's textbooks of any sign of our Christian history or any reference to God; take prayer and the Bible out of our schools; and to allow our children to be shamed by the secular world in even speaking about Jesus Christ in public. Our entertainment media, the television programs and the movies virtually deny and relegate God and the values He has commanded us to keep, to a non-relevant matter. "A great deal is being said by saying nothing about God and religion. The basic message that comes across is that God is either nonexistent or irrelevant, and that religion was not very important in American history and American life. This needs to be corrected." 1

There is a famous quote that says, "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing." The children of this and future generations will look at the Christian community and the world situation and ask "Didn't they even care enough to make a committed stand for their values?" And as the generations move further and further away from commitment to the values and commandments God gave us in the Bible, eventually the world could be completely dominated by secular humanism. Because of our lack of commitment to posterity, we are in fact, mortgaging their spiritual future and souls! They will not ask "Where is the Christian?" They will ask "What is a Christian?"- as many already do in Great Britain today where only about 3 - 5% now attend church. America was intensely committed to Christianity as a nation as late as the 19th century. It can happen in America if we don't wake up!

We, as a nation predominantly Christian, have turned away from our responsibilities and commitment to make sure that we elect men and women of God, with values based on the Word of God; not men and women who make their decisions based on their own selfish interests and questionable values. We have taken lightly and even ignored our God- given responsibilities to follow the Lord's commands in not "turning to the right or to the left, and to follow all my laws, commands, and decrees" as a nation of Christians. We are a country that is only 225 years old and yet we as a Christian nation are giving over our nation to the 6 - 7% of our country who are atheists and agnostics at an alarming rate.

The turnout of Christian voters in the 1996 Presidential election that re-elected Bill Clinton to a second term was less than 50%! (Barna Research Group, Aug. 1996) and the mid-term voter turnout in 1998 was the lowest (by percentage) in 56 years with Christian voter participation declining almost 20% from 1996! (Wallbuilders, Winter 1999 Report from Shandwick Research in Wash. D.C.) The direction that America moves, both culturally and morally, is especially dependent upon the action taken by Christians. Very simply, God has placed into our hands the means of sustaining or destroying this nation by giving us the choice of our leaders. "The Wallbuilder Report, Winter 1997". According to the 2000 U.S. census , there is almost 200,000,000 in our country who are eligible to vote, and the polls show that 41%, or 81,000,000 are born-again Christians - enough to carry any vote and make a difference on any issue. In the 1996 election, under 105,000,000 total votes were cast for President.

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do." Edward Everett Hale, Patriot.

"The power of a single vote can be substantial. Consider, for example, that by only one vote per precinct:

  • In 1960, John F. Kennedy won the presidency by an average of only one-half vote per precinct
  • Woodrow Wilson won California by less than one vote per precinct giving him the electoral votes necessary to become President in 1916
  • Harry Truman carried California and Ohio by one vote per precinct in 1948, giving him the winning margin
  • A Texas Democratic party convention chose Lyndon Johnson in a contested Senate election by just one vote in 1948, launching his political career
  • In 1984, Ronald Reagan lost Minnesota, his rival's home state, by less than one vote per precinct
  • Averill Harriman was elected governor in New York in 1954
  • George McGovern was elected to the U.S. Senate from South Dakota in 1960
  • John Warner was elected to the U.S. Senate from Virginia in 1978"

    From "Citizenship: Christians in the Public Square" from The of Focus On The Family

>> Chapter 2

1"Christianity and The Constitution" by John Eidsmoe

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